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Calculate with PowerFX in D365!

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

The 'traditional' Calculated Fields in Dynamics365 are about to be taken to a whole new level.

We are from now on going to be able to calculate fields with PowerFX.

II-Benefit: This creates instant value to your Solution. Just think about the big number of calculated fields you are creating today to achieve that 'special' calculation, think about all those Custom Columns in your BI Solution which make your reports slower. More on limitations of Calculated Fields here.

A quick example on this: Lets perform a really basic calculation:

Step1.I have created a Calculated Field called 'D365CalculatedField' with the following calculation :

(CurrentBalance and AdditionalFees are Currency Fields)

Step2. I have created a PowerFX field (PowerFXColumn) where I sum the same fields (CurrentBalance and AdditionalFees)

Step3: I have published the Account Main Form with all the new fields. My Calculated fields are working:

Now I'll change the Value of AdditionalFees to NULL:

We have performed the calculation with the PowerFX Feature!

II Tip: Jump into PowerFX right away, you will find some great courses in the Microsoft Power Platform Academy.

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