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Add a hyperlink to your embedded BI Table

You have connected to Dataverse and you have created a fantastic report.

Now you want to turn your 'Customer Code' field into a hyperlink which will direct to the specific customer form in Dynamics 365.

There are two ways to do this:

  1. 'Hard Code' your hyperlink as a Measure

These are the steps:

i. Create a new measure

ii. Paste your hyperlink and define fields where needed

iii. Type = URL

iv. In your visual (table) right click on the field you want to add the hyperlink to-> select conditional fromatting->WebURL -> Select the field you created above

2. Create a custom Column in your Datamodel

In your Dataset:

i. Select new custom column

ii. Paste your hyperlink and define fields where needed

iii. Close & Apply

iv. Do what is described above (1.iv.) to pass the URL to your field

II Extra tip: Pass a Parameter to your URL

If your URL is not fixed (for example you have different environments (test/dev) and these have different URLs, you can save a lot of time and hassle by passing a Parameter with the Environment name to your URL.

In your Dataset:

i. Select Manage Parameters -> New

ii. Name it (ie Environment)

iii. Type = Text

iv. Optionset -> set one environment as default and the other(s) as options

Go back to your Custom Column and pass the Parameter(s) with &.

More on how (and why!) to work with Parameters in Power BI coming up soon.

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